Bohei & Tamtam, Strassenfest Leipzig

Twice a year, the Quarter of Arts and Skilled Crafts along the Boulevard Heine becomes a stage for Bohei & Tamtam and the Lichtspielen des Westens. The goal of these peaceful interventions through artistic means is to strengthen and shine the limelight on the character of this area as a center for art culture and creative productions and to highlight the participatory potential of our city.

In the summer, all facets of (local) craftsmanship are featured at our art market festival Bohei & Tamtam. On the day of Bohei & Tamtam alongside the new and old producers from the former industrial district of Plagwitz-Lindenau, Boulevard Heine becomes a stage for the cultural diversity of our quarter. The annual Worker’s parade in the afternoon is co-designed by numerous participants from the quarter and offers a public forum for articulating questions and concerns about the district’s development.

When it’s winter, the Lichtspiele des Westens makes the neighborhood around the Heine-Boulevard glow. Together residents and institutions fit windows, house facades, shops and trees along the street with light installations.

Bohei & Tamtam

With waving flags, with brush and pliers, with needle and pen, with soldering iron and lightning bolt, with saucepan and violin bow, with helmet and hat, with paint and shavings, with voice and expression, we take to the streets. Because there are things around which you simply can’t attract enough attention …

Our Partners

We would like to thank all cooperation partners
and supporters without whom Bohei & Tamtam would not be possible.

Lichtspiele des Westens

The play of light makes the Karl-Heine-Boulevard between Plagwitz and Lindenau shine. Art actions, projections and installations on house facades, in shop windows and trees accompany visitors and neighbours through a wonderful Advent evening.


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Boulevard Heine

Boulevard Heine: A wide street lined with tall trees, a diverse hustle and bustle teeming with life. It is a constantly variable place of culture, with the most diverse facets, polis and theatron, work and leisure, (show) windows and frames. It is the aorta of neighborhood life.

The next Boheim & Tamtam begins in …

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