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On the Boulevard Heine between Felsenkeller and König-Albert-Bridge

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Saturday, July 3, 2021

With waving flags, with brushes and pliers, with needles and pens, with soldering irons and flash lamps, with pots and violin bows, with helmets and caps, with paint and wood chips, with voices and gestures, we’re taking to the streets.

Because there are some things that just can’t get enough attention. Things that should be celebrated audibly: the strengthening of community spirit, the active co-determination of your own neighborhood and the ability to participate. That is what our district, thanks to the many co-creative actors, stands for. And this is what it should continue to stand for, which is why at Bohei & Tamtam we show ourselves in all our diversity of craftsmanship, art – culture- we show the face of the Leipzig West with the faces of many. It might become a bit of a hullabaloo, but it’s not for nothing!

All around Leipzig West’s main street, the Boulevard Heine, there are a variety of artisan businesses, cultural institutions, organizations, and bars: a multitude of realities that have grown out of the former industrial landscape, out of the district itself. As an art-market-festival with a Worker’s Summer Parade Bohei & Tamtam gives voice to this potential. Showing off and celebrating is by no means brushing off the meanwhile apparent repressive tendencies, but is rather a means of encouraging critical exchange and creative self-empowerment. Get up! Stand up!

In this spirit, this year’s Worker’s Summer Parade will be a bike parade of workers, because the bike is not only a symbol of individual mobility it also stands for responsible and proactive coexistence.

We’re looking forward to a motley, diverse, and open Bohei & Tamtam. For everyone and by as many as possible!

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We would like to thank all cooperation partners and supporters without whom Bohei & Tamtam would not be possible.


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